Applico is the industry’s only barter funded pre-bid and pre-buy online video advertising trading platform.

About Applico

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About Applico

The Applico service is focussed on guaranteeing to purchase online video inventory that will match clients unique quality, brand safety and performance requirements. The inventory is sourced by running a pre-bid and pre-buy forensic analysis of every online video advertising spot we have access to. We acquire only those placements that, according to instantaneous pre-buy assessment, will match our buyers exact requirements.

By working with Applico, our clients are guaranteed to get the video advertising they pay for AND they have the significant added benefit of using the Astus media barter model to fund it.

What is Media Barter?

Media barter is a process that enables advertisers to purchase their media partly in cash and partly in product or inventory.


An industry leading look up solution that assesses every bid request, consults historical performance data and decides whether or not to buy, all in a pre-bid scenario.

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We have real insight into where and how to secure the best inventory on the web.

Via server to server integrations, direct and programmatic relationships we are able to source video inventory that matches any metric and price. It means we have access to the entire video market from Tier 1 publishers to open exchanges.

A truly secure Video Solution

We have access to a huge amount of video ad-serving and fraud protection history and learning. A team of engineers and developers are continuously combating fraud ranging from advanced "bot vehicles" to "ad stuffing", and as such have proven systems in place to avoid this fraudulent activity.

When you buy through other video networks you could be susceptible to practices that affect metrics such as audio, ad size, visibility and referrer. We know what these techniques look like and we know how to avoid them.


We are given the qualitative and performance pre-requisites along with the set price by the client. The parameters are then set and all qualifying video advertising inventory is directed to the purchaser.

The platform is “partner agnostic” meaning that where the inventory comes from is irrelevant. Ensuring the quality of the inventory is the paramount aim.

The bid process

The Applico Bidding Process

  1. Adspace on websites becomes available and the Exchange (inventory provider) decides it is relevant to a client.
  2. System puts in a bid request.
  3. The decision engine looks at the historical effectiveness of the ad space, predicts the potential effectiveness of the ad and matches it to the bid price set by the client.
  4. Once all 3 boxes are ticked, the decision engine makes the decision to buy the space.
  5. Bid response confirms the bid and the auction for the space is won.
  6. Video is served.
  7. Results are fed back to the decision engine.




Our ability to match price and quality prerequisites in real time stems from an unrivalled access to online video advertising inventory reservoirs, RTB seats and direct B2B connections combined with exclusive forensic analysis technology. The proven and established technology simply sits ahead of the buy, meaning the result of the ad placement can be predicted before it is acquired.

Ultimately, If the technology predicts a sub standard or fraudulent outcome it is declined.

The serving video process

The Applico Process